TpT Stats

As a new seller. I was desperate to find some answers. Could this be a viable side job? I looked high and low. I found few resources that helped.

I know this stuff is gold and I’m not supposed to share this kinda info. But I like “stirring it” as my dad says 🙂 So I figured, I’d write my own and share my data with you:

September: Month 1 –

Sales(Total Earnings): $0.27

Sales before tpt fees: $0.95

 Total number of products # 18

October: Month 2 – 

 Sales(Total Earnings): $16.40

Sales before tpt fees: $49.84

 Total number of products # 37

November Month 3 – (I upgraded to Premium Seller)

Sales(Total Earnings): $76. 41

Sales before tpt fees: $94.89

 number of products #61

December Month 4 –

Sales(Total Earnings): $139.02

Sales before tpt fees: $186.81

 number of products #80

January Month 5 –  (as of Jan. 26th) (sales appear very slow this month)

Sales(Total Earnings): $63.08

Sales before tpt fees: $78.18

 number of products #98

February: Month 7 – 

 Sales(Total Earnings): $57.51

Sales before tpt fees: $

 Total number of products # 98

March: Month 8 – 

 Sales(Total Earnings): $59.90

Sales before tpt fees: $

 Total number of products # 98

April: Month 9 – 

 Sales(Total Earnings): $

Sales before tpt fees: $

 Total number of products # 98

May: Month 10 – 

 Sales(Total Earnings): $33.52

Sales before tpt fees: $42.72

 Total number of products # 107

I’ll keep this updated as the months pass and you can check back to see the progress your store could make.

A few notes:

In October, I decided that all products needed a ‘preview’ PDF version as well as small thumbnail images on the side. That made a HUGE difference in sales. Items that had not sold any but had a high number of views began to start selling.

Also in October,  I decided that I was loosing too much money with a free account and needed to upgrade to a premium membership. I’m glad I did.

Almost everything on my site is $0.95. That’s because, well, I’m cheap and wouldn’t pay more then $1.00 for something myself. So I made that decision as my own customer.  I also want my products to be affordable to every teacher! This is more about making good visual activities for the kids then making money (that’s just a bonus).

This has not been an easy process at ALL! I spent about 4 weekends in the past few months hulled up in my flat working only on this.

Hope this helps your store. All the best and good luck!