The Monster Haircut Activity

Its November, which means my Pre-Nursery students began the unit ‘Myself.’

 While fumbling through the bookshelf, I stumbled upon a wonderful little book called:

“The Haircut” by Oxford Reading Tree (Only about $1 USD)

This book inspired me to expand upon the ‘Myself’ unit and teach my little ones some cutting skills!

Here is a great little printable for teaching cutting skills:


The Monster Haircut Activity


The PDF includes:
– Monster in Black and White for DIY coloring: Page 4
– Monster Hair in Black and White for DIY coloring: Page 5
– Teaching tips and activity instructions: Page 3
– Monster Full Color template: Page 6
– Monster Hair Full Color template: Page 7

Teacher Tips:
-Materials: You will need to cut out the Monster Hair and adhere with Tape, Glue, or Staples.
-I recommend lamination or printing on card stock paper for years of use!
-Print on construction paper, have the kids color their own, or print the version in full color.
-Great to include with Halloween Monster theme lesson plans.

-For a fun book to accompany the lesson try reading the book –“The Haircut” by Oxford Reading Tree (Only about $1 USD)

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