Good Morning Song and Morning Routine

I begin each lesson with the same routine. The children like the structure and comfort of the same routine in class.

My morning routine is 4 parts as follows:

Step 1: Greet everyone and say Hi! Get everyone settled  and seated.

Step 2: The ‘Good Morning Song’:

Good Morning.

Good Morning.

Good Morning to you.

Good Morning.

Good Morning.

And how do you do?

Step 3: If the children are seated in a circle I roll a ball to each student and encourage them to say “Hello. Good morning!” It also encourages motor kills to roll the ball. I usually include goofy noises to get the kids to giggle and stay entertained. If you have a full class of student in seats, encourage the kids to give you a high 5 or use a puppet to say hello! Use this time to walk around the class and give each kid a little one-0n-one eye-contact, smile, giggle, snuggles and tickles.

Step 4: Weather and Days of the Week. You can choose your favoirt song to sing about the weather or the days of the week. I will include a few charts and ideas in a later post.

Step 5: Begin your lesson.


  1. I find that I always read my book/story first in my lesson. The 2-3 year olds don’t have the attention span to sit still when I read at the end of the lesson.
  2. If the children get antsy in a lesson. Switch to music. It helps them get the wiggles out. 🙂