daysof week

Days of the Week Song and Printout:

Teaching the days of the week can be dificult. Its not a physical thing you can show the kids. I use a song and a Printable chart to help track the weekday.

I begin with a song. Then ask the children if they know what day it is. Then sing another song while moving the spider on the appropriate day of the week.

Step 1: Days of the Week Song.








and then we start again!

Step 2: Ask the children. “Does anyone know what day it is today?”

Step 3: Hopefully they know. If they don’t sing this and mark the appripriate day.

‘Today is Monday. Monday is a School Day. Everybody’s happy! Oh what fun!’

after a few days or weeks they will begin to follow along.

Advice: I usually sing the ‘Days of the Week Song’ 3-5 times. I act silly and goofy singing the song at different paces (faster and really slow). Teaching the kids ‘Fast’ and ‘Slow’ is really fun. I motion with my hands and ask the kids: “Should I Sing Faster?!” They usually reply with giggles and a “Faster! Faster! Faster!” I pretend to act exhausted after singing really fast and switch to singing slow with a low deep voice. They love that too.