Get a bag. Purse. Satchel. Whatever you have. Put some glitter/hot glue some pom-poms on that bad boy cus it’s gonna save your ass over and over…

Sing this (tune like “spider man, spider man…”)

Magic bag.

Magic bag.

Whats inside the Magic Bag?

(You could use a box too)

Inside this Magic bag. You can put whatever boaring thing you want to teach the kids. Flash cards, toys, fruit, anything.

Have the kids come up one at a time, and pick something out of the bag.

Encourage them to say please and thank you. Say what it is they picked and clap (act really excited…) and have them return to their seat with the item in hand.

After everyone has gone and has an item.

begin to call for the items back. Like “Ok, its time to say bye bye to the grapes.” Have the kid with the grapes return the item to the bag.

Warning: The kids LOVE this.