Firstly, I’ll introduce myself and let you know what’s up with this blog.

Hi! I’m Miss Gabby. I’m currently living in Hong Kong and and I’m an expat from the U.S.A … And loving every second of it.  I teach Pre Nursery to students who speak no English (That’s 2 and 3 year-olds). It’s a rough first few weeks, but after that it’s so much fun!

I wouldn’t trade my job for anything. But, I needed some serious help my first few months as fresh meat in the classroom. I can tell you there is next to nothing as far as well organized bas-ass Nursery teaching materials out there… It all comes with experience. I’ve collected a ton and researched like crazy to gather all of this information from teachers and classroom testing.

Back to me … My background is as a Artist/Designer/Journalist/Artist so I have a pretty high standard for good artsy stuff and I’m a total kid at heart.

My goal is to build, for you, a great year of lesson plans designed to get you through a killer year of teaching Kindergarten, Pre-Nursery, Nursery or any youngster with zero exposure to english.

All of these posts will be tested in my classroom with my students.

Here we go!


Teaching in Cambodia ❤